What I've been up to?

I've been working on the cloud version of diagram.codes. I'm very excited about launching our first SAAS product, it will enable teams to have a central repository for their diagrams.

I want to work in phases, and the first phase will include having the foundation that support managing teams and users. Next comes the Stripe integration so users can create subscriptions. I've been studying AWS and Stripe.

My original goal with Diagram.codes was to have a tool to quickly transform ideas to diagrams. I know there are already some open source tools out there but I didn't find what I was looking for, especially, I wanted a very simple syntax so a non-technical person can quickly produce a diagram to share with her colleagues or students.

I'm very happy that the desktop version of Diagram.codes is already being used by users from all backgrounds. Some users are creating engineering diagrams, others are using it to share legal information

However, I know not everybody wants to install a desktop tool and some companies do not even allow it. So I want to provide a platform for users and teams to create, store and search for their diagrams.

I've been switching from doing cloud stuff to frontend and iterating for the first version of the product.

Other thoughts #

I'd like to write more. I've found writing to be therapeutic and a tool to organize the stream of thoughts. My last essay was very popular and now it's been read by thousands of people after it was on the front page of Hacker News. I'm glad that so many people have found it useful, the process of writing it was non-structured. I remember sitting and wanting to write something and after a few ideas, the text started to reveal itself.

I'm still analyzing what works and what doesn't but I don't want to fall in the trap of trying to satisfy an audience. I'm convinced that good writing is personal and genuine. And people notice.

Started learning French #

I'm exposing myself to a lot of french content, movies with audio and subtitles in French to French songs. I'm not good with structured courses so in this first stage I'm just feeding my brain with sounds and getting familiar with words and situations. I'm surprised when I read something and get the main idea. I'd love to travel to France when possible and spend some time there practicing. Because my native language is Spanish there are a lot of similarities and that helps.

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