Setting up a linux server as torrent client

I wanted to setup a linux server so it will download torrents to an external drive. I tested this on Mint, but it should work on Ubuntu and other distributions.

  1. Install transmission-daemon.

    apt-get install transmission-daemon

After it’s installed it will run on port 9091 by default. You can change the port and other settings from the command line ( see transmission-daemon -help)

** Important **

For the changes to be applied properly, first stop the service with:

service transmission-daemon stop

After changing the settings start the service again

service transmission-daemon start
  1. Setup download dir

    transmission-daemon –download-dir=/path/to/your/folder

  2. Add access to IP’s ( for Web admin )

    transmission-daemon –allowed=IP HERE

  3. From your allowed computer go to


If everything worked fine you should be able to access the web interface where you can manage your torrent downloads.


05 September 2015